What The Hell Is Going On…

Well I’ll tell you… It’s been a ridiculous winter. Perhaps some of the most stressful several months I’ve ever experienced. This is good and bad for the same reasons. I’ll spare you the soap opera that has been my life this season, and the social commentary and simply say I’m saddened yet excited to have moved out of my studio space, relocated just around the corner to a normal cozy apartment. A much needed exercise in discipline. I’m going to miss the occasional debaucheries of loft living for a while, but ultimately I’m too busy and lack the focus to operate calmly in that realm. The plan this year is to buckle down and finish my nearly complete solo record, and the long overdue MEND full-length which is already gaining some good traction due to a handful of excitingly successful shows and great local support.

There are some BIG ideas on the table for future releases…solo, collaborative and otherwise. Wildly immersive visual components will be in development all year long. The goal is to transpose the music to visual, engaging and interactive platforms. The turnaround wont be “quick” but it will be worth it. I’m really excited for what’s coming, and I’m excited to refine my surroundings to make room for the next wave of whatever…

In related news, if you’re in the Chicagoland area, join us for the return of Sunday nights @ Rodan! “Living Sunday” will occur every first sunday from 9p – 2a.




In slightly related but mostly unrelated news, heres a picture of my co-worker and I on the job at PAX East, getting cozy at the Octodad booth…


Octodad and his shitty kids

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