Remix for Confess 2.0 by Jillian Ann

I’m glad to be a part of this 2nd run release for Jillian Ann’s single, Confess… Re-mastered and along side a bevy of other slammers. Available through Beatport (below) and itunes… Be sure to check the video as well which was partly shot at our studio, Catatlyst-Sound in Chicago.

Official Press-Release:

An ethereal ride through the underworld, accompanied by Jillian Ann’s guiding voice, characterizes our newest feature “Jillian Ann – Confess + Remixes”. The composer, songwriter, producer, dj, is no stranger to this territory, following up last years highly successful “‘Know Us’ Remix LP”. Taking her multi-faceted roles as electronica artist dj actress, model, and director into consideration her cohort of collaborators on the project included some of the realms most respected and diverse bass artists. Simplify has once again assembled a group of musicians to rip and rinse Jillian’s newest contribution; the melodic track gets VIP treatment from Kraddy, Unsub, Henry Srange, Great Scott, Robert Vadney & more! From Phrenik’s beastly monster to The Abominable Twitch’s twisted remix, Jillian and co. deliver sounds that would be welcome on anyone’s playlist.


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