Alphabasic Post Tour Re-Group…

I usually think that I’ll come home after a long trip and feel an unparalleled rush of energy, refueled and ready to go…And usually I do. Today however, I am flat out exhausted. I’m just fine with that. We drove from Chicago to Vancouver and back again with a backdrop of more America than I have ever experienced before within a two week stretch. Literally from the rainforest to the ghetto.

The cast of characters was nothing short of stellar and hysterical…Ceephax Acid Crew flew into Vancouver where we met him on the first leg of our trip. From there Bartel joined up and the touring flock was assembled. Ceephax, The Flashbulb, Bartel and myself hopped about on our way back to the last date in Milwaukee, where an angry drunk threw pizza at a taxi just before we all decided it was time to part ways. “WELCOME TO MILWAUKEE MOTHERFUCKERS”

Twas a pleasure and an honor to share the stage and move around with such maniacs…I may have more to reflect on as I start to process what just happened. As promised, here is the EP that I sold on tour. Available via bandcamp for 1$…

Thanks to all that made it out!! Lets do it again…

2011 Summer Tour EP by The Abominable Twitch

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