MORE OLD MUSIC FOR $1.00: Timelapse Vol. 1 – 5

Aside from a few randomly missing tracks, here lies the first five volumes from a project that has proved to be much less profound than I initially hoped, but nonetheless remains extremely interesting and proved to be a great resource to my evolution as a producer. Starting in the summer of ’03 I decided to start time-stamping all of my finished tracks and log them into 10 track volumes. I was never very good at completing “concept” albums so this was an excuse to release collections of tracks as often as I made them. The result is a package of 10 volumes, sometimes amazing and sometimes horrible tracks, chronologically ordered for about 6 years straight. Volumes 1-5 chronicle everything up until the fall of 2006.

The most important part of all this, for me at least, was being able to look at the date and remember what i was doing on exactly that day that made me want to make a song…I remember what I was using, where I made it, how long it took, etc. It’s helped me grow and re-learn and refine my process over time. Hopefully you can find some level of satisfaction from hearing this seemingly random mess of songs…Enjoy!

Donate to download for a minimum of $1.00 … This minimum allows me to keep my allotted number of FREE downloads up for other releases

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