ActionHowdy folks. It’s been a moment…I would like to share with you three tracks from my upcoming releases. I have two new EPs and one new full length collaborative joint with partner in crime, DoJo…All releases are still pending and looking for a cozy label to call home. Allow me to extrapolate…

“TXT ME L8R” is at the moment, my sort of last uber-electronic hoorah. I have been growing increasingly frustrated with the genre of exclusively electronic music, and simply lost my hard on for the sounds of that world. I wanted to put a small collection of tracks together that were really carefully composed and produced so I could feel good about working in the electronic realm again. The track below is the title track from the EP.

selection from : TXT ME L8R

“Li Grand Zombi” is the newest batch of experiments, primarily revolving around simple bass and guitar harmonies. I was sitting in the studio with good friend Mason while I fiddled around with some progressions that I didn’t really intend on taking anywhere specifically, and he helped push me into writing a through-composed piece that certainly felt more substantial than a simple sound doodle. I kept working through the week thereafter and emerged with 5 new tracks that all felt very comfortable together. It’s a simple, warm sound that I feel I’ve been trying to find for a while now. Over all this is the happiest I’ve been about new material in a while.

selection from : Li Grand Zombi

“Press Start to Begin” was roughly a 6 month endeavor that swallowed the efforts of myself and collaborator, roomie, and best BROHAM, DoJo. We had been performing together for several years before we decided we wanted to sit down and produce a proper record. It’s been nearly a year now since we entered the studio, and we are super excited about the package of tracks we’ve put together. It was an absolute pleasure to produce, and I certainly learned a lot from the process, especially working with Dominic.

selection from : Press Start to Begin

Thanks all. Stay tuned for the final releases!!! SOON!

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2 Responses to NEW GOODS.

  1. Tim says:

    What about Millenium Park footage. still waiting on that 😦

  2. atwitch says:

    thanks for the reminder…i have a few sources i need to bug about all that. cheers!

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