June 15th, Millennium Park, Shostakovitch Cello Concerto Remix Concert

It seemed the last 2 months more or less lead to this particular event. I was working on my portion of the piece (the 2nd movement) while on the road. I finished it while in Brooklyn the night before a fancy Calvin Klein gig. Completely weird… I felt good about the piece but was admittedly nervous as to how it would fly with the musicians. Upon returning 3 days before the event, all of which were saturated with gigs and productions in and out of the studio, it became apparent that once again, we were winging it and it was going to be awesome.

The 1st and 3rd movements were produced by EVAC and The Flashbulb, respectively…Two very accomplished and mega talented composers, producers, engineers, etc. It was a slightly intimidating sandwich…and inspiring to say the least. Im still not 100% satisfied with my mix, but it went so well, and I (we) have an amazing group of musicians to thank for pulling it off without a hitch, with one rehearsal. Dominic rocked and kept the group super cozy thru his conducting. Hopefully I will have more video and pictures to post soon. The recordings will come shortly thereafter as they still have to be mixed and mastered…

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